Friday, February 22, 2019

Post-Concussion Syndrome and Blogging

It's been 8 full months since I've posted anything on Beautiful Basics. I've popped in on social media every now and then but it's been completely silent here on the blog. I've been creating content since March 2011. That's nearly 8 years and I've never gone this long without posting about my latest beauty finds.

I was involved in a car accident in July. I hit my head and I haven't been myself since. I got a concussion and now I'm living with post-concussion syndrome, which is pretty damn weird.

I'm unable to really get on the computer as technology hurts me pretty badly. It drives my always there headache into overdrive, makes de dizzy, nauseous, and leaves me feeling horrible times a thousand. I've been dealing with some odd new symptoms that make day to day living kind of difficult and blogging is, very sadly, nearly impossible for me to do at the moment.

With my blogiversary coming up in March, though, I refuse to just go away and never come back to this thing that I adore more than almost anything else that I do. 

I'm going to try to come back, with a lot of help to make it work. I'm going to keep trying products and reviewing them because many of you are still e-mailing me and asking me for my thoughts on specific brands and specific products. You need me and I need all of you. Let's be real, though, okay? My brain isn't healthy. I have trouble with words and I get confused easily so if things are a bit weird and a bit off you know why.

I've lost some readers and some subscribers but I hope you decide to stick around. Please bear with me and join me on this journey.