Monday, April 30, 2012

Talk About It - March 2012 Goodebox

A few weeks ago my Mom sent me a link to Goodebox's website so I could check it out. Upon reading about the company, I immediately sent them an e-mail asking if I could review their service. It turns out Goodebox is one of the coolest monthly delivery services out there and I couldn't be any more excited about them and their offering. For only $16 a month you have the ability to receive 6 or more trial sized healthy and natural beauty products delivered directly to your door (or mailbox)! This service is perfect for us Green Goddesses who love to try new products to add to our beauty arsenal.

If you're a regular around this part of the World Wide Web you know how much I love monthly delivery services and today I'm pleased to be able to share my thoughts on Goodebox. Samples not enough for you? In addition to receiving products to test out members of Goodebox also receive exclusive discounts and the chance to win free full sized products.

I received the March Goodebox (funny enough, I actually won an April Goodebox from the company's Facebook page so I'll be able to review that for you once it arrives in case you need to see more!) for review and I was so excited to open it once it arrived. I was not at all disappointed. This box was packed full of awesome goodies that I was just thrilled to be able to try including:

Alima Pure Luminous Blush in Freja and Bronzer in Belize –I love and adore Alima Pure so I was so excited to be able to try these particular shades. Freja is a gorgeous medium warm pink color with subtle shimmer. It looks very natural but gives the skin a gorgeous glowing effect. The shimmer is very fine so it is not too over the top. Belize is a shimmery, medium bronze shade perfect for getting a sun kissed look.

Travel Size of Bear Naked Wipes from Josie Maran – I have always wanted to try these wipes so I was ecstatic when I opened the box and discovered them. It's the cutest package ever and the wipes themselves are great! They are very moist (which is something I look for in cleansing wipes!), have a very light and fresh scent, and do a great job at getting makeup off. There are 8 wipes in the travel-sized package worth $6.

Stark Skincare Grapefruit Cleanse + Hydrate Balm - I had never tried Stark Skincare before receiving these samples but I'm definitely impressed. I haven't used the Cleanse + Hydrate Balm very much but I really like it. It smells lovely and works really well as a multitasking product for cleansing and moisturizing. I have a similar product from One Love, so I know I'll love it.

Stark Skincare Green Tea Detox Clay Mask - The Mask from Stark is also really great. It's a powder that you can add tea, water, or even fruit juice to. It dries quickly and tightens.

Clairvoyant Beauty De-puffing Cucumber & Cranberry Eye Gel – Clairvoyant is another company I've been interested in but had never tried before. I think this eye gel is fantastic and it's full size (.50 oz) so I'll be able to continue using it for quite a while. My eyes have a tendency to get irritated by some eye treatments but this one really refreshes and cools my eyes. It's great for day or night use and really helps shrink my puffy bags. It also smells delicious! This product alone is worth $32, which far exceeds the cost of the Goodebox.

Clairvoyant Beauty Rosehip Oil & Hibiscus Facial Serum – I have a hypersensitive sense of smell and this smells so strongly of flowers that I couldn't use it. However; My Mom has been using it and really enjoys it!

If you're worried about receiving products that don't suit your skin tone or type you have no need to worry. Goodebox offers personalized boxes designed to suit particular concerns or needs. When you sign up for the service you fill out a profile that details your age, skin and hair type, and personal preferences. You even have the option of receiving only Vegan products. Finally, a subscription service that keeps you Vegans in mind!

You can learn more or sign up for your own Goodebox by visiting their website. I know I'm going to sign up for the next months box so I can continue receiving awesome samples. It's more than worth the $16 monthly fee in my opinion. What about you? Does Goodebox pique your interest?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Talk About It - Engage Green

Remember last month when I told you how much I like handbags? Well, today I have another handbag review from the coolest company and I'm so excited to be able to share it with you!
The founder and designer of the company is Venezuela born Leonor Mendoza. She now lives in Brooklyn and works with 12 other eco-minded people who make up Engage Green.

Engage Green is a company who believes in using sustainable and recyclable materials to create functional and fashionable handbags, totes, wristlets, backpacks, and other types of bags. Their designs are created using recycled paper and plastic as well as sustainable organic cotton, cork and hemp. They believe in using sustainable materials to conserve resources, minimize waste, and protect the environment.

Their brand has the cutest logo that is featured on all of their bags. The story behind their logo that they share on their website is amazing and admirable: "Our story began with our concern about Global Warming, about our Planet. . . and about Team Work. . . We thought about the Penguin, whose natural environment was melting away. We thought about the Chicken, whose natural environment was being flooded by the glaciers that were getting smaller. A penguin and a chicken -- two birds living in very different environments, both dealing with the consequences of climate changes. It is a metaphor of our times -- a penguin from the glaciers and a chicken from the land. Even though they cannot fly, they can ride and team together toward a common project, to help Stop Global Warming. . . to ENGAGE GREEN!!!- This is what our logo represents".

I was sent their Large Spanish Mosaic Tote Bag in Orange and I couldn't be any happier. The bag is made out of recycled plastic which comes from used water bottles. Approximately 18 16 oz water bottles are used to make 1 yard of their fabric. How cool is that?0 Now to describe the bag - The first thing I noticed about this bag was how well it is crafted! It's so sturdy and durable. Its attractive carrying handles are strong and functional while adding a nice contrast and detail to the bag. The straps are also extremely comfortable to carry on the shoulder.

It's more of a burnt orange color, so it will be perfect for all 4 seasons. The Spanish Mosaic pattern is fun and funky while still being chic. The bag is almost a neutral color with a touch of brown, black, and blue. It's large enough to hold whatever one may need to tote around and even my laptop fits in it. It has a convenient organizer and a zipper side pouch so everything has a perfect place.

Engage Green is a great company with a strong message and a powerful mission. They even support numerous charities and non-profits like The Nature Conservancy, American Red Cross, and The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society just to name a few. Please see their website to learn more about their brand and products. You can also purchase your favorites online.

(FTC: This tote was so generously provided to me for review consideration by the company. I am not being compensated to write this review. All thoughts and opinions, as always, are my own and honest.)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sweet Cream Facial

Does your skin need a little brightening, revitalizing, or exfoliating? Well, you have come to the right place if it does, because I have the perfect healthy, do-it-yourself facial recipe today! I love all three of the ingredients used in this recipe on their own and in a million other combinations but this one is at the top of my favorites list.

What you need:

2 tablespoons of finely ground oatmeal (you can either buy oat powder or use a coffee grinder to mill your own regular oatmeal)
1 tablespoon of honey
2 tablespoons of cream or milk (you can use what you have but the higher the fat content the better)

Mix your ingredients together until smooth and apply to your freshly cleansed skin. Once it's applied, you can massage your skin in small, gentle circles to let the oatmeal act as a scrub and then let your mixture sit on your skin for 15 minutes before rinsing off. The oatmeal and cream will act as exfoliants while the honey imparts moisture and antibacterial properties. Once the mask if off you skin should be softer, brighter, and cleaner.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Going Bananas

Bananas are staples in most homes, and my family members could be considered connoisseurs of the healthful, yellow fruit since we go through bunches of bananas. I love to eat bananas and never feel guilty about doing so because they are packed full of potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, calcium, and tons of vitamins. Since they are so good for your insides, I decided to do a little research and discovered that they are really good for your outsides as well.

If you want to keep it simple, just mash up half of a banana until smooth and apply the mush directly to your cleansed face. Leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing off. When it's time to rinse your skin will feel a bit tight. Bananas are really soothing and good for irritated or inflamed skin. Using a banana on your face will help soften, smooth, and refresh.

If you have some left over from your facial, apply a generous amount to your under eye area and let sit for 20 minutes. The high potassium content in the super fruit will help get rid of dark circle, puffiness, and fine lines.

Wait - Don't toss the peel just yet! Despite the fact that it sounds a bit gross and the peel feels really slimy and weird rubbing the inside of banana peel directly on your skin will also make the skin feel really soft and hydrated. Doing this often has also been known to reduce acne. I think this would be perfect for sunburned skin as well since it's so cooling and soothing.
Let me know how you feel about using bananas for beauty and if you have any other banana beauty tips!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Talk About It - Scientific Organics Phytocell Detox Mask

Hi Beauties, I have an announcement to make. Get ready for it... I have a new absolute favorite facial mask from a company whose cleanser I also love. Scientific Organics from cosmeceutical skincare line emerginC offers eight organic and naturally based products for a healthy complexion. The most interesting feature of Scientific Organics products is the addition of Kombucha, a fermented tea known for it's healing properties, as well as healthy plant and marine extracts.

I absolutely loved their Kombucha Cleanser which I reviewed a couple of months ago so I jumped at the chance to try their Phytocell Detox Mask. I'm completely in love with this detoxifying mask and am ecstatic to get to share my thoughts with you! Before you let the $50 price tag alarm you, trust me when I tell you that it is worth every penny.

The Phytocell Detox Mask is a French green clay mask with ingredients like aloe, grapefruit peel oil, red algae, sweet almond oil, sea starwort oil, vitamins e, c, and a, white and green tea, grape stem cells, kombucha, spirulina, and many other beneficial elements. Scientific Organics uses only natural ingredients with at least 70% being organic. They never add synthetic fragrances or colors and they never test on animals or use animal ingredients.

Let's talk about vanity first. The mask comes in a gorgeously simple green glass jar that is recyclable and chic enough to keep on display. The company fills the jar with a very generous 1.76 fluid ounces.

The mask itself is a very pale green color that feels more like a thick cream or moisturizer than a detoxifying facial mask. It coats the skin very easily and feels amazingly soft and smooth upon application. It smells a bit like citrus but it's very light and clean. It does have a hint of an odd underlying smell but it's not at all offensive or unbearable. A little of this mask goes a very long way. It is not drying at all, and even imparts a level of hydration into my skin that I just don't get with other masks.

This mask promises to "draw out impurities, nourish, brighten, soothe and improve tone and texture" and I agree with what it says. This mask leaves me in awe every single time I use it. I apply it to just cleansed skin and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes before removing it and I can't believe how my skin looks and feels after rinsing. The first time I used it, I had a couple of blemishes that were instantly reduced in size and severity. My skin tone is more even, the texture of my skin is silky and my skin looks better overall after using.

The only bad thing I can say about this product is that I can't stop touching my skin after I use it, and I try my hardest to keep my hands off of my face. But is that really a negative? I think not!

Something I love about the company is that with every Scientific Organics purchase, emerginC plants a tree using Plant-It 2020. Plant-It 2020 is such an awesome non-profit foundation that you should check out at You can find my new Holy Grail facial online where you can learn more or purchase Scientific Organics products to try for yourself.

(FTC: This product was so generously provided to me for review consideration by the company. I am not being compensated to write this review. All thoughts and opinions, as always, are my own and honest.)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Talk About It - Lanikai Bath and Body

Beauty products from the gorgeous, tropical islands of Hawaii are deliciously fragrant and appealing as evidenced by my experience with the products of Lanikai Bath and Body. With close to 100 different products in 18 floral and fruity scents there is bound to be something to please everyone. I was fortunate enough to be able to try their creamy, moisturizing lotion and their enticing, softening body washes in several of their popular scents. They are a treat for your nose, your mind, and your skin.

Lanikai's bath and body products are handmade and contain only pure and natural botanically based ingredients. Their products are also cruelty free and eco-friendly. Their shop is on the island of Oahu in a town called Kailua (on the other side of the island from Waikiki and Honolulu). If you can't make it to the island to try out their products you can always order online!

Like I mentioned before, I got to try out their All Natural Tropical Lotion in several scents and their body wash in coordinating scents. They offer their lotions and body washes in two sizes, 8.5 oz and 2.2 oz. The scents I received were Plumeria, Tahitian Gardenia, Pikake, and my personal favorite, Orchid Vanilla. Each and every fragrance is very true to life, which is very impressive.

Their lotion formula includes ingredients like Aloe Vera Juice, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Sea Kelp, Kukui Nut Oil, and Papaya Fruit, among many others. Lanikai's body lotion is amazing! It is so smooth, creamy and it's very moisturizing. It helps to improve the texture and health of my skin every time I use it. The smell stays with you all day, but not in an overpowering sort of way. It lingers but it's light so you occasionally get a whiff of a scent that transports you to the tropical getaway of your dreams.

Their body wash has an all-star lineup as well with Sea Kelp, Chamomile, Cucumber, Calendula, Lavender, White Tea, Arnica, Extracts of Papaya, Echinacea, Green Tea, Awapuhi, Pineapple, in addition to many different oils and vitamins. This body wash has such a silky and smooth formula. It creates such a luxurious lather. I have used this as a normal body wash, shaving gel, and bubble bath (although the bubbles don't last long) and I can't get enough. The scent is strong but doesn't last. It rinses clean and doesn't strip my skin.

Their products envelop your senses and create a mini-vacation in your bathroom while invigorating, refreshing, and softening your skin. Lanikai gets my stamp of approval and I highly suggest you check them out. Their prices are really good and their products are beautifully crafted and perfect for all skin types.

(FTC: These products were so generously provided to me for review consideration by the company. I am not being compensated to write this review. All thoughts and opinions, as always, are my own and honest.)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Moisture Matters

A common misconception about skin care that people with oily skin have is that since their skin is oily they don't need to moisturize. That thought could not be any further from the truth. Everyone regardless of skin type needs to moisturize. Oily skin is often oily because of a deep-seated need for hydration – oily skin is often actually very dehydrated skin that is overcompensating by creating excess sebum.

It's important to find the right moisturizer for your own skin type – which in your case oily gals is a light, water-soluble moisturizer so here is a super simple light lotion recipe that would be perfect for daytime use.

What you need :
1 ounce of Aloe Vera gel
2 teaspoons of vegetable glycerin
1 teaspoon of melted beeswax (you can skip this if you're a Vegan)
½ teaspoon of jojoba oil

Add all of the ingredients together and stir them until the beeswax starts to cool which will take about 5 minutes. Put the mixture into a jar or a bottle and voila! You have you very own facial lotion that is perfect for combating the "greasies". This will last for about 3 weeks.