Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Talk About It - Benjabelle Brush Tree

A couple of weeks ago I received a Benjabelle Brush Tree in the mail and I have to tell you, it just might be the coolest thing EVER! A lot of you have been asking me how to take better care of your brushes and this is a total must have for treating your tools with the respect they deserve. I'm absolutely in love with the Benjabelle Brush Tree and I'm so excited to get to introduce this innovative product to you today!

Benjabelle was born in 2012 at the hands of Ben and Jan of Madison, Wisconsin. Jan wanted something to hang her cosmetic brushes with after cleaning to allow them to dry quickly and take up less space than if they were just laying on the counter. The pair sat down and designed the Brush Tree. Each and every Brush Tree ordered is handmade and assembled by Ben or Jan.

The Brush Tree retails for $34.95 and the shipping is also very reasonable. They even ship worldwide; you can find the rates by clicking here. It comes in three sleek shades including chic black, classic white, and pretty pink.

The Brush Tree itself is easy to assemble, as well as to disband for easy storage, and easy to clean (just wipe down with warm water and a soft cloth). To use the Brush Tree all you have to do is insert brushes from below, allow the brushes to dry, and then pull them through the top when they're finished. It's so simple, yet incredibly brilliant.

The Brush Tree allows brushes to dry upside down, which keeps water from entering the ferrule (if water gets into the ferrule it can cause the glue that holds the fibers together to break down and fall apart; it can also cause mildew problems). The way the brushes hang also allows them to dry to their proper shape. I can't tell you how many times I have laid a brush flat on the counter to dry and come back to a misshapen brush! You can even use it to store your brushes!

The coolest thing about the Brush Tree is that the special slots fit any and every size of brush handle. I have many different brands and types of brushes from short handled, travel sized, long handled, thick and thin, and every brush is able to be hung up to dry. The thinner brushes do hang at an angle but it doesn't effect the way they dry.

To learn more about the Benjabelle Brush Tree, or to purchase one of your own, check out their website by clicking here. You can also visit them on Facebook or Twitter or check out their Brush Tree Intro video on YouTube.
(FTC: This product was so generously provided to me for review consideration by the company. I am not being compensated to write this review. All thoughts and opinions, as always, are my own and honest.)

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  1. I love this, have been looking for something like this


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