Monday, July 7, 2014

Mom Talks - My Berry Organics Wild Blueberry Face Creme

I am so lucky that I get to try some of the fantastic products that Kassie receives. She thought it was time that I start reviewing some of them so here we go!

I have older, more mature skin than Kassie does, but that's because I am older and of course, more mature. In the past year, my skin has become much more sensitive and reactive. I have to be extremely careful what goes on it. I have the dreaded dry skin and over 40, (ok, closer to 50), wrinkles and fine lines. With that being said, I want to share with you my thoughts on the My Berry Organics Wild Blueberry Face Crème. This crème is wonderful. It is light and moisturizing and my face loves its texture. I also love the smell. It smells like real blueberries but with a hint of something else. Wild Blueberries are full of antioxidants, and this moisturizer includes 23 antioxidants for radiant skin. I have been using this for quite some time and Kassie has been complimenting my skin often. During the day, I wear it under my make up, but at night, I use it with a thicker serum to heal my skin while I sleep. My skin is softer and much more hydrated than before I began using this product.

When it arrived in the mail, it came wrapped in beautiful tissue paper. (Kassie's notes: I failed at taking photos when it arrived. They all came out blurry so please forgive the lack of pictures. My apologies.) The bottle is a dark blue plastic. I feel it is moderately priced at $28.00 for 2 ounces. A little goes a long way so it is definitely worth the price. My Berry Organics is all natural and organic, and vegan friendly. It does not contain any petrochemicals, artificial fragrances, or synthetics.

To read the story behind the brand, click here. While at their site, be sure to read all of the amazing ingredients in this crème. I love the label; it lists the scientific name for each ingredient, followed by the common name. The only drawback for me is that since the product uses only the freshest of ingredients, it is only good for 3 months. I love all natural though so its something I am willing to put up with. Check out the My Berry Organics line.

(FTC: This product was provided to me by the company free of charge for review consideration. I am not being compensated for this review.)


  1. Great review. Sounds like an interesting product. The only caution I'd give you is to maybe use this more as a night time product due to the Vitamin A it contains. Another blogger had brought this to my attention in regards to Vit. A and sun exposure. You can read a bit about it here: Just wanted to bring this to your attention just in case you were not aware. Of course I'm no expert, just wanted to share what I had read.

  2. Thank you Paula. I appreciate the information. Sounds like I should definitely switch it up to night only, and be on the lookout for Vitamin A in my products-Stephanie

  3. Mademoiselle NatureJuly 8, 2014 at 12:06 AM

    Nice review...this sounds such a lovely brand. xx


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