Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Talk About Skin Care - Rooted Beauty

I'm always willing to splash out a little extra cash for skincare because skin is important and we need to protect it for an entire lifetime but as more and more consumers start caring about what ingredients are in their personal care products and as green beauty becomes more mainstream we are starting to see highly effective and affordable products popping up all over the market.

Rooted Beauty has a line of high quality and healthy products as well as an awesome cause and platform. Through their Woman2Woman Project each Rooted Beauty product helps a specific woman escape extreme poverty and trafficking. This project helps women all over the world become self-sufficient and allows each woman to ensure long-term stability and freedom. Once a project has been fully funded they select a new woman to sponsor, as part of a continuous cycle. You can actually learn about the women and their personal goals by clicking here.

Rooted Beauty products are free from any toxic chemicals and are instead created using all natural ingredients that are beneficial and completely safe for the skin and the planet. In addition, their products are cruelty free and housed in an Eco-Squeeze Tube that is made from 35% PCR and is completely recyclable. Oh, and if you avoid Gluten you're in luck because their entire range is 100% Gluten Free!

I selected two of their facial care products, the Hydrating Mango Passion Facial Cleanser and the Calming Kiwi Melon Facial Scrub, to test out and I've fallen in love with the entire experience of Rooted Beauty. To begin with, the tubes are absolutely lovely with bold, fun coloring. They are also really generously sized and each has a price tag of under $10, making these products an incredible value.

The Hydrating Mango Passion Facial Cleanser smells lightly fruity and fresh. This cleanser is packed with powerhouse antioxidants like Thanaka Root, a powerful ingredient that comes from the root or bark of a Wood Apple Tree that helps protect and hydrate skin, Passionfruit, which helps firm and tighten the skin, and Mango, which is very moisturizing. This cleanser is extremely gentle but leaves the skin feeling hydrated, refreshed, and cleansed without stripping the skin or interrupting the natural balance of healthy moisture. It lathers nicely and leaves my skin feeling so clean and clear.

The Calming Kiwi Melon Facial Scrub is an extremely gentle scrub that can be used daily or as frequently as you would like. It keeps pores clean while calming skin that is easily irritated. This product packs a big time skin renewing punch thanks to Goji Berry while Kiwi and Melon calm and soothe. It leaves my skin looking and feeling fresh, instead of feeling itchy or irritated and never leaves my skin looking red like some scrubs can. Like the cleanser, this scrub also has a beautiful fresh and fruity scent.

Rooted Beauty is a company with a vision and a beautiful mission to inspire women around the world and keep our bodies and the planet healthy. You can learn more about Rooted Beauty by visiting their website. You can also check out their full range of products here. You can also connect with Rooted Beauty on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


  1. The facial scrub looks great! I love trying new face scrubs and masks.

  2. Would love to try the facial scrub. I love and use them regularly and I'm always on the lookout for the good one!

  3. Looks like a good scrub.
    Would love to try it!


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