Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Talk About Cosmetics - Kosås Cosmetics

When asked what type of cosmetic is my favorite I would have a hard time deciding between lipstick and blush/bronzer, but I can tell you that I have a new lipstick love, Kosås Cosmetics. This line consists of four absolutely beautiful, yet totally wearable lip colors that I recently got my hands on and was able to take for a test drive. These square, black tubes house some seriously amazing lipsticks and I’m excited to get to talk about them and introduce you all to the line.

These beautifully formulated lippies are made in small, handmade batches in Los Angeles and are cruelty free, hydrating, long wearing and super flattering. Each one is dreamy, creamy, weightless yet moisturizing and provide the lips with a beyond stunning color. These look like a lipstick and feel like a super smooth lip balm. They also smell (and taste!) nice.

You know how my lips are crazy sensitive and highly reactive? These do nothing but nourish my lips and somehow all four colors seem to suit me. There is something really magical about a line of products that feels nice, looks great and seems to be universally flattering. They aren’t your typical high maintenance lip product but all four shades do something really wonderful. Nothing makes me feel more put together than a swipe or two of a pretty lipstick.

Up first, I’d like you to meet Rosewater. This lipstick is potentially my favorite, maybe ever. That’s a huge statement, right? But I mean it. At least it’s tied for first with my Ilia Shell Shock Lip Conditioner. Anyway, this pretty neutral pink is a MLBB (My Lips But Better) kind of shade that is so pretty. I can’t even explain to you how much I adore this color. Also, this lipstick makes my lips look really full and plump. It’s like I had a really fantastic plastic surgeon but all I did was apply some of this gorgeous pink lipstick. Talk about a perfect lip shade! This pink packs a punch that makes me feel so lovely and feminine. It’s easy to wear and goes with any and all makeup looks.

Undone is the perfect fully opaque and semi-matte not naked nude color. By not naked I mean it’s a nude but it doesn’t make me look washed out or ill. It falls perfectly between brown and pink so it pumps up your lip color without looking over the top. This one is also an easy color to wear that goes with everything.

Next up is Fringe, a fresh semi-matte red shade that is described as “earthy” on the website, but appears more bright when applied to my lips. I think I’ll really like wearing this one in the summer because it’s fun and does a great job of brightening up my complexion. It can also be built up for more intensity so it does double duty.

The final shade in the collection is Darkroom, which is the deepest of the four. On me this lipstick turns out to be the most perfect berry shade. This one is also buildable so you can wear it sheer like a stain or full like a rich lipstick. I absolutely love the way this looks on my lips!

I seriously cannot find one bad thing about Kosås or any of their lipsticks. I honestly don’t understand how I can love all four colors as much as I do but I guess I can’t complain about adding these beauties to my rotation. I think that these four lipsticks make up a complete lip wardrobe and that’s pretty awesome. They each cost $24 but these shades are seriously worth it.

You can learn more about Kosås by visiting their website. You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Leave me a comment and let me know which color catches your eye most?


  1. I love that they are not as dark on the lips as they are in the tube. My favorite is the Undone.

    1. I like that, too, and the fact that they can be worn sheer or built up for more color!

  2. I completely agree with you that all four of these look great on you. I am not one to wear a light pink lipstick and when I saw the first two in the tube I thought I can't wear those but they are not the typical pink lipstick. I love both of them. In fact, they are my favorites out of the four but I like all of them. If they will look like that on me is the question. I think I will get the first one you spoke of and see then go from there. Thanks so much for this review.

  3. Thanks so much Christy! I was so surprised that all 4 were so wearable. They'ree all gorgeous and I'm positive that whichever one you pick will look fantastic on you!


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