Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Talk About Cosmetics - Sheer Miracle

Hello Beautiful, I hope you’re in the mood to talk makeup today because I’ve got so many good things to share with you! Have you heard of Sheer Miracle? Their mineral makeup is really great and I’ve been fully enjoying and absolutely loving some of their products!

If you’re looking for simple but super high-quality natural (and even organic) cosmetics that are easy to use and highly effective without fillers, preservatives, or any harsh ingredients you’ll probably want to check out Sheer Miracle. This line is made up of products that are suitable for every single makeup lover out there, even those with the most sensitive of skin. Oh, and of course they are also cruelty-free!

As someone who struggles with dark undereye circles and heavy baggage thanks to my illnesses (I’m talking to you, MS!) I’m also so grateful to find a product that actually brightens up the darkness and makes me look well-rested, wide awake, and not as sick as I actually am. If you’re anything like I am then you will also love the Wide Awake Dark Circle Concealer! I’ve tried a lot of pink, peach, salmon, and/or orange concealers meant to brighten up the undereye are but have never found one to be this effective. I love the ultra easy to blend formula that disappears into my skin, doesn’t crease or fade throughout the day, and keeps me looking bright-eyed. I use it to highlight some other areas on my face, Can you tell I’m in love?

I mean, seriously! Check out the difference in the photo above. The photo on the left shows Wide Awake applied on half on my face while the other side is bare. The photo on the right shows a finished face.

I’ve also been using the Medium Light Netural SPF 30 Mineral Foundation. This buildable but natural looking powder foundation is so easy to use and never looks cakey or too heavy. It’s truly a multitasking wonder and can be sheered out for a light coverage, applied for full coverage, used as concealer, or even used to add some more coverage on top of a tinted moisturizer or liquid foundation. I selected a shade that is a teensy bit too dark for me but I can still make it work. It's made with only titanium dioxide, mica, iron oxides, and ultramarine blue so you can feel good about what you’re putting on your skin. It comes in a 9-gram jar, with a twisting top lock to keep things clean, and feels very nearly undetectable on the skin.

Euphoria Blush is the perfect peachy pink shade with shimmer that looks very similar to a not so nontoxic, but very popular, blush from a mainstream brand with a naughty name. It’s such a gorgeous shade and the formula is lovely! It looks a little too over the top shimmery in the jar but blends out to be a beautiful and highly flattering healthy glowing flush of color on the cheeks.

Maybe I should have started with telling you about the Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum, which plumps up and hydrates the skin making your face the perfect base for makeup. It’s a lovely primer and a beautiful hydrating serum.

I’ve also been using generous sample sizes of the Extreme Closeup HD Mineral Finishing Powder, Hide the red Green Cream Concealer, Green Loose Mineral Color Correcting Concealer/Primer and Mineral Bronzer. The Finishing Powder is silky beyond belief! It does a wonderful job of setting, smoothing, and perfecting. Both green concealers are nice and the bronzer is a really lovely shade.

To learn more about Sheer Miracle you can visit their website. You can also find them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

(FTC: These products were sent to me for free for review consideration. I am not being compensated for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.) 

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