Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Talk About Bath & Body - Kneipp Lavender

In 1891 the brand Kneipp was formed, meaning this brand has been around for over 125 years. You’ll have to click here to learn the full story of Sebastian Kneipp and how the brand began because I can’t do it justice, but very simply put he was a man who believed in the power of embracing plants and nature for good health. Today, Kneipp is a line of products that believes in just that and utilizes different natural ingredients to create health-boosting products.

I’ve been testing out a couple of their relaxing Lavender offerings, which act in a supernatural (for me, anyway) sort of way to promote restful sleep. If you know me at all you probably know I struggle with sleep and although I don’t normally like anything that is strongly scented I am a huge fan of the Lavender line from Kneipp. These powerhouse products are packed with so much lavender they’re bound to knock out the whole house, in a safe and satisfactory kind of way. I live in a 3-story home and when these products are being used you can smell lavender, strongly, in any room of the house but it’s not offensively strong.

I guess I skipped the important part where I tell you which products I’ve been testing and how they work. I was sent the Lavender Mineral Bath Salt and Lavender Shower Foam shortly before Christmas and I’ve been using them regularly to help me sleep. Since they’re so relaxing thanks to their pure, strong lavender scent I only use them at night and they really do help me get to bed sooner and help me sleep much more deeply. I’ve always believed in the power of lavender but these two have so much concentrated lavender power they work well, and quickly.

The Lavender Mineral Bath Salt comes in a large 17.63 oz container that will last a fairly long time since you only need 3/4 of a capful per bath.  The salt, the scent, and the warm water combine to help relax your bath and release tension. The scent is so comforting, and it makes for the perfect way to end any day.

The Lavender Shower Foam has the same gorgeous and relaxing scent but is sort of an odd product. It’s a mousse type of foam, think shave gel, and I just don’t necessarily love the application. It does work great for shaving and since the smell is so lovely it’s still enjoyable to use but it might be better in another scent. Since I only use lavender scented products at night I don’t really have a proper use for this, but I do like it.

Kneipp has a ton of other options, though. They have so many different plants and purposed to choose from like “Stress Free” Orange Blossom and Mandarin, “Joint and Muscle” Anica, “Soft Skin” Almond Oil, “Enjoy Life” May Chang and Lemon, “Back Comfort” Devil’s Claw, just to name a few. There is bound to be something from Kneipp that can benefit you and whatever you may be experiencing at the moment in your life. You can learn more about the brand and their products by visiting their website. You can also find Kneipp USA on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

(FTC: These products were sent to me for free for review consideration by the company. I am not being compensated for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.) 


  1. never heard of a shower foam ! totally new to me

    1. It was new to me, too! It's such a crazy concept!


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