Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Talk About Cosmetics - Wander Beauty Lip & Cheek Gels

Have you heard of Wander Beauty? I’ve been so intrigued about the brand for so, so long that when it came time to make a Christmas wish list I knew I had to include them somehow. Then I found the Carryon Wherever You Go kit and added it my list with glee. Turns out Santa (or my Dad) found my list and I unwrapped the set on Christmas morning and have been enjoying this incredible set since then.

The set contains minis of Wander Beauty’s four Carryon Lip and Cheek Gels. The colors, which all have a satin finish, are island Hop, Pink City, Tinseltown and Madisoness. They’re made with hydrating, soothing, conditioning ingredients and color that is easy to blend, buildable and long-lasting. They leave behind a gorgeous stain and work as well on the cheeks as they do on the lips and as well on the lips as they do on the cheeks. I’ve tried many lip and cheek products and I can’t say they all work that way, this is actually incredibly rare, and these minis do it seamlessly.

All four shades are so pretty! Choosing a favorite is hard but it might just be Pink City since it’s a classic, easy-to-wear mauve shade. You’ve also got the fun bright pink Island Hop, peachy nude Madisoness, and rose toned red aptly called Tinseltown. They all have their time and place, so I’ve gotten tons of wear out of each.

Top to bottom: Tinseltown, Pink City, Island Hop, Madisoness
The formula is so smooth and buttery it’s just like wearing an ultra-luxurious lip balm. My lips love the hydration and comfort they provide. They have no scent or taste. The color is gorgeous and lasts so beautifully, on cheeks or lips. After a few hours the balm wears away and you’re left with a pretty wash of color. They blend effortlessly on cheeks and last well as blush, too. These are an absolute dream! The size is perfect, too! They fit in any pocket, purse, makeup bag, hand, wherever! They’re cute but not too itty bitty. They still have a good amount of product and will last a good length of time.

They, like all Wander Beauty products, are cruelty-free, vegan, and free from parabens, synthetic fragrances, mineral oil, and phthalates.

I’m absolutely in love. If they had more colors I would purchase them. And I am certainly even more interested in Wander Beauty now that I’ve found love with these four baby beauty gems. Let me know if you’ve tried anything from Wander Beauty and if you have any favorites from the line.

My Dad bought my gift set from QVC, but you can find the full-sized individual versions (which are much larger) on, Sephora, Nordstrom and anywhere Wander Beauty is sold. 


  1. Beautiful shades!
    Love Tinseltown!)

    1. Tinseltown is so fun! It's such a glamorous shade!

  2. These are really nice colors..they are not too dark.. perfect for every skin color.

  3. Have never heard of Wander Beauty before but I will be doing a search for the site. Love the colors

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