Monday, January 6, 2020

Back to (Beautiful) Basics

It's a little over a month shy of being one full year since I have been able to blog and I have missed you all so much. I didn't intend to be gone for more than a year. Wait, no. Let's be real - I didn't intend to be gone for any length of time because I didn't intend to get into a car accident. But, I'm finally ready (mostly) to come back and take control once again. 2019 was a really interesting year full of ups and downs but I'm ready for 2020 to be a big, amazing, wonderful year and a huge part of that means building Beautiful Basics up again and turning it in to so much more than it was before.

I want to combine both of my blogs, the beauty and the sick life. I want to be more real and open and honest with you all. Not that I haven't been those things in the past but I just want to let who I really am shine through that much more. Oh. and don't worry, I'll be sure I mark posts with appropriate tags so if you're interested in beauty or my sick blog and not the other you can easily avoid what you want to.

My "new" brain still struggles thanks to the concussion but hopefully I've learned enough strategies to help me get through it and allow me to write, edit, take photos, and do all of the good stuff that blogging entails. My brain is doing better but I'm not where I was before the accident so if things are ever written strangely please bear with me.

New posts coming soon!


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