Monday, August 8, 2011

Talk About Cosmetics - Real Purity Cosmetics

I hope you had a great weekend, beauty. I know I did! Every day the sun is shining and I'm breathing is a good day. I'm easy to please in most cases, except when it comes to cosmetics. I'm pretty picky when it comes to the products that I use to enhance my natural features. I'm pleased to introduce you to a wonderful cosmetic line that meets all of my expectations, plus some!

Real Purity is a company that creates and sells skin care, cosmetics, and hair products using only the finest natural ingredients. They don't use any chemicals or synthetic ingredients in their products because they have a firm commitment to making products that do not harm people, animals, or the environment. Their products are organic and formulated by naturopathic doctors, biochemists, nutritionists, herbalists, natural estheticians and other people who really know their stuff.

I absolutely love what Real Purity is all about. Their mission is a noble one and I commend them for being dedicated to taking care of the environment and helping others. They put people before profit and plan to stay that way. I love everything this company stands for. They have a wonderful mission, superb products and they're really nice people too! The VP personally called me to tell me more about Real Purity, and sounded so passionate about the company that his Grandmother Virginia started.

I got to try out so many products and I don't think I can pick a favorite so I'll start with the order I apply my makeup. First up is the Health Glow Foundation. Since our skin absorbs 60% of what is put on it, I have always been a firm believer in using the best, high-end foundations that I can. Real Purity has created a foundation that has a very limited ingredient list – 5 total! It's simple, so it's healthy yet effective. It's more of a light to medium coverage but I don't need much coverage. You fuller coverage girls won't love this as much as I do, but it's a worth a try for everyone else. It even outs my skin tone and makes my skin look great. The color Light Beige is perfect for me, and it blends right into my skin. It's easy to spread onto my face and it's not too matte or too dewy. It's really nice!

Next is the Disguise System concealer, and I have the color light. This product features 11 ingredients. I could not believe how big this product is. The say numerous times on their website that their products are never nano-sized and it's true! I was shocked. I love this concealer, a lot! It's perfect for blemishes and under eye circles. It makes my skin look naturally flawless, as opposed to other concealers that leave me looking like I'm wearing a mask! I can't say enough good things about this. Oh, and it smells good to me, like cucumbers.

I don't know if I've shared with you all that I've recently become a total and complete blush junkie. I used to just use bronzer, and that was it, but now I'm realizing that blush is the perfect topping for any look. The Real Purity blushes are so great! I have the color Shrimp, which looks intimidating in the pan but turns into a really gorgeous, almost natural looking flush when applied to the cheeks. It's beautiful, smooth, and long-wearing. I need to collect more of these! They even have cream blushes which are on my wish list now. They have gorgeous colors, and there is something for everyone!

Next up is the Holistic Formula Mascara. I have it in Black/Brown and I think I lied before because this is actually my favorite product out of the bunch. I'm extra picky with mascara, but I'm madly in love with this one. I dare say that it's even my Holy Grail mascara, no joke! It makes my lashes look defined, long, and dark but it keeps them soft, which is something I've never experienced with any other mascara before. I can't use any other mascara now because they just feel so heavy and make my lashes uncomfortable. I can almost swear that my lashes look and feel healthier too. This has only 8 ingredients, and it's a magical combination, because this mascara is incredible.

The last product I got to try is something that sounded perfect for me, since I'm ill. The product I'm talking about is the hypo-allergenic Healing Lotion. It is meant to soothe aches, pains, and sore joints and muscles which it does! It smells a bit medicinal but the scent quickly dissipates after application. It leaves my skin feeling cool and more relaxed. I really like this lotion. It's not meant to be moisturizing, so it's not beneficial in that sense but it really does help get rid of aches!

If you're in the market for organic, all-natural cosmetics, skincare, or hair products go explore Real Purity at I put my stamp of approval on their products and I know that you'll like them too! Everything I've tried from them has been added into my regular beauty routine and will continue to have a spot in the lineup from now on. In fact, I'm planning on checking out some other products very soon. Have fun shopping and let me know if you pick up anything from their store, and what you think of their products.

(FTC: Real Purity was so kind and generous - they provided me with these products at no charge so I could try and possibly review them. I am not being paid to write this review and all thoughts and opinions are my own.)


  1. I bought some things from Real Purity too. I just didn't like the way they send they samples...some of them you even able to try properly because of the quantity sent. I realli liked the eye make up remover. I bought the mascara but I didnt try yet as I have two mascaras bottles opened. I really want to like the foundation, but I tought it was stick, super light coverage and short lasting...I like the presses powder, it vanishes over the skin, what is good. I liked the lipstick and blushes.

  2. Thank you for sharing your experience with me! The blushes are great! I like them a lot too. Which color did you get?


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