Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Talk About It - Rand Hill Naturals

It is no secret that I love honey. I also love natural skin care and cosmetics as well as my home state – Oregon. What do you get when you combine all three things I just mentioned? You get an Oregon based natural skin care company who makes honey facial care products (in addition to other products) called Rand Hill Naturals.

Randie Hill started to develop sensitivities to traditional products in the mid 90's but couldn't afford the hefty price tags of natural products so she decided to create her own. Her goal now is "to create a line of unique and effective products that incorporate plant based ingredients in their simplest, most unrefined form." All Rand Hill Natural products are pure and safe, free from any artificial ingredients like color, fragrance and preservatives. They are also very affordable!

I was lucky enough to get to try the Complexion Essentials, which includes a cleanser, a cleansing mask and a serum. All 3 products feature raw and unfiltered honey, essential oils (including Lavender, Rose Geranium, Orange, Neroli & Grapefruit), and other natural skin beneficial ingredients.

First up is the Daily Facial Honey Wash, which is a really great cleanser for any skin types (except those allergic to honey, of course) because it's so gentle. It smells amazing; like honey with a touch of citrus mixed in. It has the exact consistency of honey so it doesn't produce foam or anything that other facial cleansers may do but it's just as efficient if not more so. It's non-sticky and spreads easily across the skin. I massage it onto my damp skin and rub gently in small circles until I'm ready to rinse. It rinses off so effortlessly and leaves skin feeling comfortable and healthy. I feel like it really keeps my skin looking clear and it also brightens. It makes my face feel fresh and fit.

Once a week I use the Honey Oatmeal Cleansing Mask, but I use it as a facial scrub instead of a mask. You all know how much of an obsession I have with scrubs and this particular one has made it onto the favorites list. It smells like floral-y citrus and makes my skin look radiant. I'm obsessed with this scrub! I particularly like to use this when I've had a long day or worn a lot of makeup because it gets deep down into each and every little pore leaving them shiny and new thanks to the exfoliating oatmeal powder. I do occasionally use it as a mask, but I prefer it as a cleansing scrub. It's very hydrating and improves the condition of my skin.

The last product were going to talk about is the Ultimate Face Quenching Serum which is made up of Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, Tea Tree and Rose Geranium essential oils. A lot of people are afraid of using oil to moisturize their skin but this serum is incredibly lightweight yet conditioning. It absorbs almost instantly and leaves skin feeling softer than you could even imagine without being the least bit greasy. The smell of this is a bit strong, but it's tolerable and dissipates within about an hour. Its great for morning and evening use and really plumps up and smoothes skin.

If you're interested in checking these products (or other Rand Hill Naturals products) out for yourself you can visit their website by clicking here. You can purchase online or use the Find a Store tab to see if there are any stores near you that sell these products.

(FTC: These products were so generously provided to me for review consideration by the company. I am not being compensated to write this review. All thoughts and opinions, as always, and my own and honest.)

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  1. such lovely natural ingredients in these products


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