Monday, August 20, 2012

Roses Are Red...

Roses are beautiful, timeless, fragrant and also therapeutic. Rose water has been used and revered for centuries all over the world for so many different purposes. It is said that Cleopatra even used rosewater as part of her daily beauty routine and loved it! It has antibacterial, soothing, antiseptic and healing benefits. It is often used in cosmetics, skincare, hair products, medicine and even for cooking and baking.

Rose water is very effective when it comes to skin infections and problems. It can hydrate dry skin, reduce swelling and redness, purify and tone the skin, and help with blemishes. It can also tame irritated, sensitive skin. You can find rose water available for purchase at any store with a good natural or organic section, but you can make your own at home. It's so easy, and when you make your own you know for a fact that it is high quality and 100% natural.

You need 1 cup of rose petals (make sure to rinse them well before beginning), packed down in the measuring cup like you would do with flour or brown sugar while baking. Put the petals into a heat resistant bowl and pour two cups of boiling distilled water over them; use just enough to cover them. Steep for half and hour before pouring the rosewater through a strainer into a bottle or jar of your choosing. Your rosewater will be good for about 7 to 10 days in your refrigerator.

You can use your rosewater for:
Toning your face after cleansing
As an aftershave to calm the skin
Spraying on your face to cool and refresh
Adding to your bath to smooth skin
Creating your own natural beauty products

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