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14 of 2014

Happy New Year-I just realized this is my first post of 2015. To celebrate the new year, I decided to talk about my 14 favorite products of 2014. First of all, I want to talk about how difficult it was for me to write this post. I don't like picking "favorite" products because I'm picky and finicky and sometimes I change my opinion from one moment to the next. When it came to choosing 14 favorites I wanted to make sure they were products that I had used for a long time and products that I really, really loved. There were a lot of products that I wanted to include that I hadn't been using for very long so they were not added to the list. With that huge disclaimer out of the way, let's get started!

John Masters Organics Zinc and Sage Shampoo with Conditioner
I have gone through 3 bottles of this stuff and I don't plan on quitting using it any time soon. Using multiple bottles of shampoo is a really big deal for me. I hardly ever fall in love with any hair product but this one is absolutely worth it. It smells delicious, sort of like vanilla and butterscotch, and leaves my hair looking and feeling fantastic. Check out my full review by clicking here.

Desert Essence Fragrance Free Conditioner
Let's be real, this conditioner is very plain and simple but I really love it. I actually don't have much to say about this because it's a no frills kind of product but it gets the job done, is really affordable, and doesn't bother my sensitive nose. I've actually lost track of how many tubes I've purchased but I can safely say I've replenished this product at least 6 times.

Three Sisters Apothecary Black Licorice Vanilla Soap
I received a bar of this soap, as well as other products from the brand, for review purposes but I fell so hard for this stuff that I ended up ordering 2 more. With 2 bars down and 1 remaining I feel confident enough to say that I will be ordering another 2, maybe even 3, bars very soon. My skin loves this soap and so does my nose. I know black licorice is a love it or leave it kind of thing so this won't be for everyone but the formula of soap definitely is. It does a fantastic job cleansing while leaving skin feeling super soft and smooth. It lathers well and rinses clean. It's incredible! Here is the link to my full review.

Seventh Generation Free and Clean Unscented Hand Soap
Is it super weird to include hand soap on this list? Well, regardless of the answer, it's a definite favorite. It's the only hand soap I use! It's truly fragrance free and is very gentle on my hands. I deviated from this soap once and my hands were not happy with the change so I will continue to repurchase. I also love their new packaging!

Weleda Salt Toothpaste
This toothpaste is a little pricey but it has really helped keep my teeth and gums healthy. It leaves my teeth feeling incredibly clean and my breath smelling fresh for a long time. It takes a little getting used to since it doesn't foam and it tastes quite salty (obviously) but I have purchased multiple tubes of this and I will continue to use it.

I went through 4 tubes of this lip balm in 2014. I'm no longer using this but not because I stopped loving it. I'm just experimenting with other products right now. Here is the link to my full review.

100% Pure Nourishing Carrot Facial Scrub
I'm going to make a bold statement and say that this is one of my Holy Grail facial products. I have dryish, sensitive skin and this stuff is so gentle and nourishing (as the name suggests). My skin really loves this! I'm on my second tube and will definitely repurchase when I run out.

Natralia Dry Skin Lotion
This is another kind of boring, no-frills product but it's a staple in my house. Every member of my family uses this lotion on a daily basis. We all have a bottle in our rooms and we purchase more the second we run out. It has no scent, which is exactly how I like my lotions, and does an impeccable job of proving long lasting moisture and relieving itchiness while feeling lightweight and non-greasy on this skin. My only complaint is the bottle and pump. The pump stops working properly when the bottle is half full. Click here to check out my full review.

Niora Naturals Alpha Clear Cleanser
This was my cleanser of choice during the warmer months. It helped clear up my skin and left me looking glowing and smooth. I'm not longer using it because my skin needs extra hydration thanks to the cold right now but I have a feeling I'll be going back to it. You can check out my full Niora Naturals review here.

Ilia Shell Shock Tinted Lip Conditioner
My Mom sweetly surprised me with this because it had been on my wish list for a long time and I fell in love right away! The formula is fantastic and the color is perfect! It's such a subtle but gorgeous shade that brightens up my face and makes me look healthy and awake. I wore it almost every day in the summer and I'll be going back to it once it gets sunny around here again.

ZuZu Luxe Cream Brow Pencil
I use the shade Russet and I am so in love with this pencil. I'm not completely sure why it's called a Cream Brown Pencil because it seems to be quite dry in formula but I really like it. It also happens to be the perfect color for me. It's super easy to use and it looks natural once applied. It also lasts all day! It's my perfect brow product!

Pacifica Dreamlit Illuminating Under Eye Brightner
I use the shade Dreamlight and it does a fantastic job of hiding my dark circles. It makes me look bright eyed and bushy tailed… well, maybe not bushy tailed because what does that even mean? It has a luxuriously silky texture that blends seamlessly into the skin and provides luminous coverage. I love the doe foot applicator and every single thing about this product.

Jane Iredale Corrective Colors
I have been planning on doing a full review of this product for a long time so I don't want to say too much about it right now but I love it. I have stopped using cream or liquid foundation for the most part and stick to using concealer to provide an even base before applying mineral foundation. I really love this palette. I really love mixing the beige and yellow tones together to even out my skin. The only shade I don't get much use out of is the lilac shade.

Alima Pure Sombra Contour Powder
Contouring is one of my absolute favorite parts of doing my makeup. I know a lot of you have expressed that contouring is something you want to try but are a bit nervous about so I suggest you check out this powder! It is such an easy to use product and leaves cheeks looking chiseled and defined. The color is buildable, blendable, and absolutely lovely.

Another disclaimer, I had a thing for a lot of products in 2014, so just because it wasn't included on this list doesn't mean I didn't love it. It's really hard for me to make lists like this!

Now I want to know what your favorites from 2014 were! Please share!

(FTC: Some of these products were provided to me free of charge for review consideration while others were purchased by me. I am not being compensated for this post. All thoughts and opinions, as always, are my own and honest.)

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  1. Great list of products. I love Desert Essence and Weleda.


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