Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Talk About Cosmetics - 100% Pure Luminous Primer

I have never been a huge believer in the importance of primer although I have liked to test out different formulas and experiment with them. I became a serious primer lover, though, when my Mom stuck a bottle of the Luminous Primer from 100% Pure in my stocking at Christmas. It's beyond incredible. I mean, seriously. It's amazing. Ingenious. An absolute must-have for me now.

Okay, enough accolades for now because you're probably wondering what makes it so great. Am I right? Well, I'm glad you asked. I have fairly dry, dehydrated skin that tends to look really cakey and overloaded with makeup sometimes, especially when it's cold and dry like it has been for the last several months.

When I apply this magical elixir to my skin it creates an impressively smooth canvas that looks healthy, hydrated, smooth, and supple. I'm not going to say it makes me look younger or anything because I'm only 27 and I would never want to be or look 17 again but it does help make everything even and plump (in a good way!). It also feels delightful on my skin and helps my makeup go on nicely and last all day long.

I'm ridiculously in love with this primer. It makes me glow and I will forever have a bottle on my vanity.

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