Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Talk About Cosmetics - Antonym Cosmetics

So many of you have asked me to review Antonym Cosmetics and your wish is my desire so, here is a run down on some of their products. If you haven't heard of Antonym Cosmetics yet here is what you need to know: They are an eco-friendly cosmetics company combining technology and natural ingredients to create luxurious and healthy products that are Ecocert Certified and cruelty free. The range is made up of premium quality eye shadows, lipstick pencils, mascara, eye pencils, baked foundations and baked blushes as well as a complete collection of 20 vegan makeup brushes.

First thing is first, the packaging is amazing and ecosexy. Have you ever seen such lovely products? I don't think I have and luckily the actual products inside the pretty packaging are pretty awesome too, so this brand is a big time winner in my book.

The Baked Blush in Rose is the newest addition to the Antonym roster and it's my new favorite blush, hands down. I have been using this blush and only this blush since it arrived. There is something so magical about this blush. It's the perfect combination of brown and pink. It's been great for these warmer weather months but I think it will also transition beautifully into the colder seasons. It gives me a natural flush that adds a vibrant and healthy look to my skin. I always feel pretty when I'm wearing it. It's a flirty shade that never looks over the top and goes with any and all eye looks and lip combinations. The formula is buttery, rich, and weightless so it never looks flaky or powdery. It seems to melt into the skin and looks absolutely stunning and fresh. It lasts throughout the day and doesn't tend to fade. I also think you're getting a lot of product for your money so it's definitely worth the $36 price tag. It's perfect! I can't recommend this beautiful blush enough.

I've also been playing with the Lipstick Pencil in Pinkish. These chummy pencils are always great purse lippies because they're easy to apply. This one is a really pretty neutral shimmery pink. The color is fun and feminine! I'm impressed with the staying power! It lasts a very long time on my lips. I don't find it very hydrating but it's also not drying or irritating on my ridiculously sensitive lips.

I was also sent the Lip Brush #15 but I haven't really gotten a lot of use of it. I love the handle but I find that I do a better job of applying lip color with the actual product so I don't tend to reach for this brush often.

The final thing I got to experiment with is the Lola Lash Mascara. I really love the wand, which is curved and I also love how black the formula is. It provides my lashes with a natural but defined look and seems to do an excellent job conditioning lashes. It's a great daily mascara but I do find that I get some smudging throughout the day. It's very gentle and doesn't irritate my eyes at all.

Have you tried any of their products or do you have your eye on any? I'm coveting their Baked Foundation in Light and the Noisette Eye Shadow Quattro as well as their full range of blushes. If you couldn't tell, I really love their blush!

To learn more about Antonym Cosmetics and their product offerings you can visit their website. You can also find them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


  1. I've never heard of this brand, going to check their site out. The blush looks gorgeous!

  2. I had not heard of Antonym Cosmetics before today. It all looks great on you!

  3. I love the blush packaging and the blush shade; very pretty.

  4. I've never tried products of this brand, but the Baked Blush looks awesome!)

  5. This is the first for me to hear about Antonym Cosmetics. They look lovely and high quality and I do try to purchase more natural products like this.

  6. This brand is new to me.Nice review! You look fantastic! That baked blush color is so pretty.

  7. Antonym is not a brand that I am familiar with but it sounds great. I would definitely give Antonym a try. Thank you for sharing this review.

  8. Even the packaging for this is appealing. Definitely a line I'm adding to my "to try" list.

  9. Hi! I love the colour of their blush! I'd love to try their products because they look appealing are cruelty-free.
    Thanks for the review!

  10. What a nice packaging!)
    And I like the colour of their blush.


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