Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Talk About Green Cleaning - The Unscented Company

I was going to start this off by saying I’m picky about soap. In reality, though, I’m kind of picky about everything. There are so many products out there in the world so I don’t really want to waste my time with ones that don’t work for me, you know? I want to find things that work for me, plain and simple.

After my favorite grocery store stopped carrying the soap that I had been using for a couple of years I went into panic mode and started searching for a replacement. I got pretty lucky, though, and found another soap that I like even more. I was browsing on Vitacost and came across The Unscented Company. The name alone intrigued me thanks to my illnesses and scent sensitivities so I was instantly sold on the idea of a company who makes and sells only unscented products.

The Unscented Company is a Canadian company that launched in 2016 who offers only unscented and natural products. They are a Leaping Bunny certified cruelty-free company and every single product they offer is vegan. All of their products are also biodegradable and decompose at least 80% within 28 days. TUC also believes in reducing our collective plastic footprint and offers customers the ability to do refills at home or in-store (if you’re lucky enough to be in Canada).

It doesn’t appear they ship to the US (I really hope they change this soon!) but like I mentioned above I found the brand and their products on Vitacost, which I believe has worldwide shipping. Vitacost doesn’t have the gorgeous glass bottles they offer in Canada, though, which is a bummer.

My first TUC love is their Soap Bar. You get 2 in each box and they last a fairly long time. Some soap dissolves so quickly but I’m impressed with the lasting power of this soap. It’s truly unscented and supremely moisturizing. It’s gentle and I’m absolutely in love. My sensitive dry skin and sensitive sense of smell are in agreement that this lovely bar of soap is a winner across the board. It creates an impressive amount of delicate, cleansing, hydrating lather that makes sudsing up an absolute pleasure. I’ve even used this on my face and I typically hate bar soap on my face so that’s a big indicator of how nice this soap is. It also seems to tame my eczema. I love this soap so much that I actually have 8 boxes underneath my bathroom sink so I never run out. I’m not even kidding. It’s that good!

I also purchased the Hand Soap, which is another hard for me to find product. If I use a soap that my skin doesn’t like the eczema on my hands gets so bad. I had actually been using a really mild facial cleanser as hand wash because it didn’t make my hands flare so I was a bit nervous to switch it up but, like the Bar Soap, the Hand Soap is remarkably gentle. It is a really, surprisingly, thin formula that is almost the consistency of water but it does such a nice job of cleansing but also nourishing the hands. I don’t like the pump of the bottle because it tends to shoot out way too much product but the soap itself is so nice. I only have one bottle at the moment but plan to put it at every sink in my house.

Besides the Bar Soap, my favorite product is the Dish Soap. I was previously using Seventh Generation, which I really like, but I’m so glad I decided to pick a bottle of this up. It’s the best dish soap I’ve ever used. It has zero scent, doesn’t irritate my skin, and does a fantastic job of getting my dishes clean. It comes in a really great bottle, too. I don’t have a lot to say about it because what can you really say about dish soap? It’s excellent, though.

The All Purpose Cleaner is nice but it’s not an absolute must have for me. It’s good but I find that it has a slightly powdery scent, barely there, and I just find that I still reach for my Better Life spray more often. It’s nice, though.

My least favorite product I’ve tried is the Lotion. I’m not a fan. The formula is soothing and hydrating but it has a bit of an odd smell on me. That happens to me a lot, though. I think I must have weird pH because the lotion itself doesn’t smell but it does on me.

Their prices are great and the products themselves are really awesome. I’m such a fan of The Unscented Company and can’t get enough of their line. I hope their product line expands one day in the future because I’d love to try other things (like shampoo and skincare) from a company who believes in unscented, nontoxic and simple products that are effective and beautifully formulated.

You can check out The Unscented Company by visiting their website. You can also click here to find the company and their products on Vitacost.

(FTC: I purchased all of these products with my own money. I am not being compensated for this post.) 


  1. I am heading over to check out that dish soap. My daughter and I react to every dish soap we have tried. Thank you for reviewing house hold products as well as beauty products!

    1. I'm having so much fun testing out cleaning products so I have many more reviews coming. This dish soap is totally worth it! SO good!

  2. biodegradable and decompose at least 80% within 28 days !!! WOW ! blown away ... Why doesn't India have something like this !!??!!

  3. these products look like really good :D

  4. Even I tend to stock pile soaps that I love
    It's nice that they have vessel soap as well

    1. It's just so nice to know you won't run out!


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