Monday, September 11, 2017

Talk About Skin Care - MyChelle Dermaceuticals Perfect C Cleansing Oil

I’ve been really hesitant to try new skincare products lately but when I received a package from MyChelle Dermaceuticals with their latest cleanser launch inside I was both excited and intrigued. The Perfect C Cleansing Oil is a product I have fallen hard for, much to my surprise.

I know cleansing oils are really on trend right now and while I have tried some I really enjoy (like the one from Kari Gran) most tend to cause my sensitive, dry skin to break out, hence why I was nervous to try out the Perfect C Cleansing Oil. I was so impressed with the formulation, consistency, and efficacy of this golden-hued skin-cleansing dream.

This oil is made using rich and nourishing ingredients that help to hydrate and brighten while also cleansing. This product starts off as your typical oil, one that you massage onto your dry or slightly damp skin, and somehow lathers once warm water is introduced and becomes so luxurious and lovely. It rinses cleanly, completely cleanly, so you’re never left with a sticky or heavy feeling layer on your skin. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and supple while also doing an incredible job of brightening. It's so good!

It does have a scent and I don’t really like it. I can’t quite place my finger on what it smells like but it gives me kids chewable vitamin vibes. However, the scent goes away so quickly and completely that it’s almost like it was never even there in the first place. Even for someone like me who is incredibly sensitive to scents, it’s not an issue.

It’s also nicely priced at $18 for 4.2 fl oz and since you only need a pump or two to cleanse your face a little goes a long way. I’m so impressed with this cleansing oil and I am so happy to add it to my skin care routine.

(FTC: This product was sent to me for free for review consideration. I am not being compensated for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.) 

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