Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Talk About Skin Care - Buff Her House of Exfoliation Exfoliating Food Facial Scrubs

If you believe that food ingredients make the best skin care products you are going to seriously love Buff Her House of Exfoliation and their line of Exfoliating Food Powders! These chemical free and cruelty free formulas are made using only pure and organic ingredients and are suitable for everyone regardless of age or skin type. They are also super easy to add in to your routine because you can mix the powders with water to create a paste or to your favorite cleanser or oil. They are versatile and fun to use!

Each bottle of Exfoliating Food Powder is made with a base of rice and other ingredients are added with different skin loving benefits. Their menu is made up of Apple Granola, Oatmeal Blueberry Cookie, Banana Bread Pudding, Sweet Potato Pie, Strawberry Parfait, Vanilla Bean Latte, Rice & Beans, and Milk & Honey. In addition to their regular line up they have an option where you can create your own blend as well as a blend for men called Hey Poppy. If you're looking for something that foams they also have Strawberry Lemon and Vanilla Almond Foaming Food Facial Scrubs.

I selected Sweet Potato Pie and Banana Bread Pudding to test out and I really like both. I was sent mini bottles and they might be small but you can get 50+ uses out of them, which is awesome. They have two Buff Her Mini Kits that I think would make perfect gifts or stocking stuffers.

Sweet Potato Pie’s ingredients list is made up of Rice Powder, Organic Sweet Potato, Whole Dry(Milk Powder, and Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate. This particular formula contains Beta Carotene, thanks to the Sweet Potato, which is great for blemishes and blackheads and also has a brightening and soothing effect thanks to the milk.

The Banana Bread Pudding formula is made of Rice Powder, Whole Dry Milk Powder, Organic Banana Fruit, and Organic Colloidal Oat Flour. This bottle is packed full of ingredients that are great for dry skin because bananas have potassium and Vitamin A while oatmeal is cleansing and moisturizing.

Neither formula has much of a scent. They are both extremely gentle and add something extra to your regular cleansing routine. I love the bottles and the simple ingredients inside. To learn more about the company and their other products you can visit their website by clicking here. You can also find Buff Her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

(FTC: These products were provided to me free of charge by the company for review consideration. I am not being compensated for this review. All thoughts and opinions, as always, are my own.)


  1. Both products sound tasty.)
    Thanks for the review!

  2. omg! it is for eating them!! haha ! very nice!

  3. These products sound divine and yummy:)

  4. all lovely organic ingredients


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